'She was just being Britney,' the actress tells Andy Cohen

By Dave Quinn
May 05, 2017 at 10:16 AM EDT

They starred together in 2002’s Crossroads. But Zoë Saldana found herself at a crossroads with Britney Spears in 2014 when the pop singer spilled the beans to the press that the actress was pregnant with twins.

Saldana recounted how it went down during a visit to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday night. “We were on the same flight from L.A. to New York and we just talked for the duration of the flight,” the 38-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy actress said. “She has two boys, I was having twins — and we had a beautiful talk. And I forgot — it never even occurred to me to not to say anything. We weren’t trying to hide it, we were just trying to be discreet.”

Not knowing that, Spears disclosed the news to Entertainment Tonight days later — when asked if the two would reunite for another film together. “Who knows? That’s a very good idea. But she’s pregnant with twins right now. So I’m sure she’s got a huge future ahead of her,” Spears said at the time.

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While Saldana may not have been ready, she explained she never felt anger towards Spears. “The way that it happened was so innocent that I never even thought of holding her accountable for anything,” Saldana said. “She was just being Britney. I love her — I don’t mean that in a negative way, I mean that in the way that she lives her life in such truth.”

“I was shocked because we weren’t ready to sort of share that. But it was Britney, so it’s okay,” she added.

Saldana has since gone on to have three children2-year-old twin sons Cy Aridio and Bowie Ezio and son Zenwhose birth Saldana and her Italian artist husband Marco Perego announced in February.

As for Spears, the two haven’t seen one another since that 2014 flight. “But I’m pretty sure we will,” Saldana said. “We will.”

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