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Does Savitar’s identity on The Flash connect to that message future Barry left before the Invasion crossover? — Marcel
Yes, the message left by a future Barry cautioning Rip Hunter against trusting anyone in the future, including himself, does tie into the reveal that Savitar is future Barry Allen. In fact, that particular point will be addressed very soon. “Someone does point out that suddenly that message makes a lot of sense,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says.

Are we going to see a return to romance for Quinn and Huck on Scandal? — Preston
Quinn was definitely overly affectionate toward Huck upon his survival. I mean, even Charlie seemed a bit worried, so that question will definitely be addressed soon. “You will see a lot of Quinn’s personal life coming down the pipe, and where her loyalty and love lies,” Katie Lowes says, playing coy on whether wedding bells will be ringing this season — and who would actually be the groom if they do. If Guillermo Diaz has his way, the answer would unequivocally be Huck. “I love seeing Huck and Quinn together,” he says. “I think they truly know each other. I don’t think anyone else in this Scandal world understands them like they understand each other, and their chemistry together, physically, is intense and hot, so I would love to see Huck and Quinn together.”

I still don’t understand who saved Shadow Moon at the end of episode 1 of American Gods. — Jon
Well, here’s some good news: You’re not supposed to understand. There are many unsolved mysteries on a show about gods, but this is one that will get solved — though not for a few episodes. However, once you find out who saved him, you’ll also find out why his life is about to be changed forever… again.

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How will Cheryl deal in the wake of finding out her dad killed Jason on Riverdale? — Sam
Not well. “She’s not in a good place,” EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa tells me. “She loved her brother, and to finally have the closure of knowing who killed him, but knowing it was someone she shared a home and life with, as chilly as it might be, is devastating to her. The prospect of what faces her, which is a life alone with Penelope, is soul-crushing, so she’s in the worst place we’ve ever seen her.” As for that other big reveal from Thursday’s episode, the Coopers learning they’re actually Blossoms will change them for the better. “They’re going to start being more truthful and they’re going to start having less secrets among them,” the EP says. “The idea of them being one big family will come into play when Polly has those kids and it’s really a blended family that is there for Polly.”

Loved seeing the first picture from Marvel’s Inhumans. Any Inhumans scoop? — Abbey
As I revealed in my first look at Inhumans, the mostly silent Royal Family leader, Black Bolt, will communicate via sign language, though it won’t necessarily be recognizable. “I actually have to do more preparation when it comes to scenes in which I sign, and I can’t use American Sign Language,” Anson Mount says. “Because he’s not from Earth, he wouldn’t know American Sign Language, so I’m making my own sign system.” The Hell on Wheels alum also teases that Black Bolt “is a leader who is actually forced to understand not just the strength of his voice, but the potential catastrophe of his voice,” he says. “He literally has to meditate an hour every night before going to bed so he doesn’t talk in his sleep.” Stay tuned for more from Mount!

Will Megan be able to escape the Institute of the Higher Mind’s facility in The Arrangement finale? — Alex
That’s the No. 1 question on Megan’s mind, and know this: She will try anything to get out of there. But escaping isn’t going to be easy, so the even better question might be: How will her experience at the facility change her? Could Megan actually see the good side of IHM? Or will things only get worse?

Now that Roman knows the truth about Jane, should we be worried he’s not long for this world on Blindspot? — Jesse
I had that same fear, and so did Jaimie Alexander, which is why she went to EP Martin Gero to find out if Luke Mitchell will be sticking around. “I’ve asked,” Alexander tells me. “He said Roman will be around, but he just may not be what he seems. I was like, ‘Cool, as long as he’s here for a while.’ He’s like, ‘He’s here for a while.’ ‘Good. You’re taking everybody I like!'”

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Nimah, the real Nimah, on Quantico after she took Raina’s place as a political prisoner. Any clues to where she’s being held? — Nathan
Unfortunately, Nimah’s whereabouts won’t be made clear anytime soon, which is frustrating for the former task force members — Raina in particular. Still, showrunner Josh Safran promises that even though her location won’t be revealed, “We will see Nimah again.” Keeping everyone in the dark is simply a way to show the gravity of the situation, he explains: “The idea is that she’s basically missing, which is what happens to some political prisoners.”

Do you have any scoop on the person from Sherlock’s past appearing on Elementary? — Sandra
The mystery woman will be played by Narcos star Joanna Christie. “We’re going to meet a woman from Sherlock’s past, someone we meet over the course of a support group meeting,” EP Rob Doherty says. “It’s someone who Sherlock will know, but the audience won’t. We’ll use these two episodes to tell a story of who she is and why she’s significant to him. It’s difficult to say exactly what kind of a relationship she has with Sherlock. Is there or was there a romantic involvement? She and Sherlock have some overlapping damage. There’s also something that will seem potentially malevolent. What interested me most about introducing this woman is that she’s someone that I think our audience probably assumed they would never get to see.”

Anything on The Handmaid’s Tale? — Simon
Here’s a small teaser: Next week’s hour will be devoted to, well, devotion. Expect flashbacks that take you all the way back to the beginning of Offred — or rather, June — and her husband-to-be, a complicated romance to say the least. And in the terrifying present, Offred will be tested in a completely new and surprisingly Serena-approved way, while another handmaid makes a startling return that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Buckle up — and blessed be.

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