The 'Alien: Covenant' star is going from aliens to worms


As a member of the Alien franchise, Michael Fassbender is no stranger to lizardy creatures. But, the actor took his method acting to new heights with his performance of the worm on The Graham Norton Show.

The lead up to the demonstration of the Alien: Covenant star’s dance moves began when Fassbender shared his idea for what his robot character David should be doing at the end of Ridley Scott’s 2012 film Prometheus.

“I wanted David dancing on sort of the disco deck of the ship towards the end when the credits were rolling,” he shared. “I thought it might funny to do a Napoleon Dynamite sort of ending for the character. But Ridley didn’t go for it.”

Playing both David and robot Walter in the Prometheus sequel, Fassbender then shared his past robot origins. “I’ve done the robot probably back in 1987 when I was going through the breakdance phase,” he continued.

This peaked the interest of fellow guest Jessica Chastain, who played confused about what breakdance was, suggesting Fassbender could show her. Failing to pull in Footloose star Kevin Bacon on the action, Fassbender went for it solo, showcasing his impressive worm dance skills.

Alien: Covenant, which also stars Katherine Waterston, scares into theaters on May 19.

Watch the video above.

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