The movie, like the GOP, he says, is 'about a group of white men who have no idea how to care for babies'

By Derek Lawrence
May 05, 2017 at 09:48 PM EDT

What happens in the House of Representatives doesn’t stay in the House of Representatives.

After addressing the American Health Care Act passing through the House on Thursday, Stephen Colbert returned to the topic on Friday’s Late Show, beginning with a subtle jab at President Trump losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.

“The House passed Trumpcare by the margin of one vote,” he opened. “And for once, the people with more votes won.”

Following their big win, Republicans celebrated with a “massive beer bash,” with Colbert noting they woke up on Friday needing to deal with the fallout. Enter The Hangover. Taking on the roles of Ed Helms’ Stu, Bradley Cooper’s Phil, and Mike Tyson’s tiger are House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and President Trump, respectively.

“Of course, we kid,” said Colbert. “That footage is from The Hangover, which is also about a group of white men who have no idea how to care for babies.”

Watch the clip above.

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