On Monday, Natalie Portman is headed back to space! Well, not exactly. But she’s in charge of space! Okay, not quite on that one either. But the Star Wars prequel vet/Oscar winner is playing the head of NASA mission control on TBS police procedural parody Angie Tribeca. (More like NASAlie Portman, am I right? I am not.)

Portman will make a rare detour into comedy as no-nonsense boss Christine Craft, who for years has battled the sexist, male-run culture at NASA, which hasn’t changed at all since 1963. As for matters of plot, “a man falls from the sky and the team investigates a lead in space,” reads the official logline.

Can’t wait until Monday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT to see Portman in action? Check out this first-look clip, in which Christine Craft is trying to make contact with a pristine craft (actually, we have no idea of what shape the vessel is in, but it rhymed). This situation worries Angie (Rashida Jones) and DJ (Deon Cole) for two entirely different reasons.

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