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MasterChef Junior will add pork and Bork when two famous felt figures stop by the kitchen to provide an assist on the judging panel.

Miss Piggy and the Swedish Chef need no introduction, yet they’ll get a culinary curtsy from this season’s six remaining contestants when the two Muppets guest star on the May 4 episode of the Fox cooking competition (Thursdays at 8 p.m.).

Whatever you can imagine about the inevitable clashing of egos (and taste buds) that might happen when you add a loin the size of Piggy into the pressure-cooked MasterChef kitchen, multiply it. Piggy herself winds up cooking in the challenge of her own design, while the Swedish Chef — still as incoherent yet professionally qualified to discuss food as ever — relaxes at the judges’ table with Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi.

In anticipation of the special episode, EW asked Miss Piggy about her own cooking connection and why her cameo appearance opposite Chef Ramsay makes such a delectable swine pairing. (The Swedish Chef was, thankfully, not available for comment.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Miss Piggy, it’s been a while since we’ve talked. What brings you to MasterChef Junior?
MISS PIGGY: They had me at ‘food.’ When I heard six of the greatest chefs in the world were going to be cooking, I was there. These MasterChef Junior kids are all great chefs—young and talented, just like moi!

Do you have much experience mentoring children? Or even, like, interacting with them?
I adore children – especially when they’re cooking for me. The only time I’m uncomfortable with children is when we’re on camera together, and they try to upstage moi. That’s a no-no!

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Why did you decide to participate in this challenge yourself?
When I arrived, I had no idea that I’d be competing. After all, it isn’t fair for a star like moi to compete against mere young people. But then, Gordon and Christina told me if I entered, I’d get my very own bedazzled MasterChef Junior apron. That was it. I love personalized swag!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your own cooking skills?
When it comes to cooking, I would rate myself a 10. Which is amazing considering the closest I’ve ever gotten to the kitchen at home is when I walk through it on my way to the fridge. However, when it comes to eating fine cuisine, I’d have to bump myself up to a 20.

The Swedish Chef is a guest judge on this episode. Have you gotten to spend much time with him one-on-one?
Oh yes, I’ve spent a lot of time with the Swedish Chef and have learned two important cooking lessons from him. One, never get between the Chef’s meat cleaver and the cutting board, and two, when his soufflé explodes, run! It is extremely difficult to get fried lütefisk out of your hair. Trust me, I’ve tried.

What was your first impression of Gordon Ramsay?
Gordon Ramsay? Which one was he?… Oh yes, the one who was yelling all the time! I thought his name was Gaylord? Anyway, Gordon was fantastic and polite with the young chefs, but for some reason he constantly seemed to be shouting at moi. I think I made him uncomfortable because I’m so much better than he is in the kitchen.

What’s your preferred viewing experience when you watch cooking shows?
I love eating exactly what they’re cooking on TV. This isn’t easy, because as soon as you find out what they’re cooking on the show, you have to call for take-out and hope they deliver it before the episode is over.

Why don’t you have your own reality show yet?
I’m a diva, and everybody knows that divas don’t do reality.

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