Filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, Will Arnett interviewed Maitland — and endured his jokes
ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15

In an act of “shameless” self-promotion, Will Arnett, guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday, interviewed the host of ABC’s Gong Show reboot, Tommy Maitland. However, it didn’t seem like most of the audience knew the man underneath the prosthetics and British accent was Mike Myers. Perhaps they did, but there was an awkward air hovering over the crowd as Maitland called Arnett “a cross between George Hamilton and a Crest White Strip.”

“I love America. You’re fantastic, you are. You’re like a giant love popsicle and I want to eat you all the way to the stick,” Maitland remarked, though it only got a few laughs before Arnett, who executive-produces The Gong Show, tapped in.

Maitland threw more jokes at the actor, like “Do you know what your nickname in England is? Mr. Hand Sanitizer.… Three pumps and a squirt!” He also targeted Arnett’s “piece of plastic” voice role in The LEGO Batman Movie. “Did you start with LEGO Shakespeare first? LEGO Long Day’s Journey Into Night?” Maitland joshed, though the audience cheered more in solidarity with Arnett.

Capping off the exchange, Maitland awkwardly announced, “Well, I’m gonna go. Just gonna run to the toilet now.”

Watch the interaction in the clip above.

ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" - Season 15
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