By James Hibberd
May 02, 2017 at 02:02 PM EDT

So just how is David Milch’s script for a feature-length follow-up to HBO’s Deadwood?

In a word, “stunning,” says Deadwood actor W. Earl Brown, who played enforcer Dan Dority on the HBO series during its 2004-06 run.

Milch has completed a script continuing the acclaimed Western drama, which was canceled and left without a proper ending after three seasons by the premium cable network. Rumors of a wrap-up project have circulated for years and have gained steam recently with Milch writing a script. Milch is also helping with a potential third season of True Detective.

Update: Previously we speculated about whether Deadwood star Ian McShane would be able to shoot a Deadwood movie given he’s signed onto HBO rival Starz’ American Gods. Typical actor contracts forbid doing projects at other networks. But McShane is no typical actor, and since the Deadwood movie is very important him, sources tell us his American Gods contract specifically states that he can do the HBO movie as well — as long as the Deadwood production dates do not conflict with his Gods schedule.

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