Al Green turned out to be a "big miss."

By Nick Romano
May 02, 2017 at 07:50 AM EDT

It was an embarrassing and crushing moment for Chris Pratt, but the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 actor learned that not everyone is into Al Green. While appearing on The Late Show Monday night, the actor revealed his sexy mixtape gone wrong for wife Anna Faris.

Pratt’s first mixtape attempt for his brother was a hit, so he decided to make a more intimate one for Faris that began with Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.”

“I could tell right away, big miss. Big miss, and it’s a long song,” he told Stephen Colbert. Faris was just not feeling the vibe. “She’s like, What? Who are you? You don’t listen to Al Green. What are you trying to pull?'” Pratt recalled.

Pratt said he instantly threw the mixtape away after only getting through that one song. “I was so embarrassed, which is crushing,” he said. Though, he admitted, “For me, it’s the wrong humping temp.”

Watch Pratt’s interview with Colbert in the clip above, and skip to the 8:30 mark for the mixtape fail story.

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