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May 01, 2017 at 11:00 PM EDT
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After three years it has finally happened! And by “it,” we mean Waige getting together.

As teased in the trailer EW debuted last week, Walter (Elyes Gabel) finally professed his feelings for Paige (Katharine McPhee) at Happy (Jadyn Wong) and Toby’s (Eddie Kaye Thomas) wedding in Monday’s episode. (Fun fact: Elyes Gavel listened to The Theory of Everything score to prepare for that important scene). Obviously, Paige reciprocated those feelings. And, the next thing we know, the rest of the team discovers them hooking up in a closet (the same closet Happy and Toby were hoping to sneak away to).

“It feels like the circle is finally a circle, in a way,” Elyes Gabel tells EW. “Not to become totally spiritual about it, but it feels like this was the place that we wanted to go. It’s the conclusion of one part of the story, and it definitely opens up the opportunity for another story to be born as well.”

Whenever a will-they-won’t-they couple on a TV show eventually actually couples up, there’s often concern that the series will lose something or that fans will get bored since they finally got what they wanted. But McPhee doesn’t think that’ll happen here because their relationship is inherently complicated.

“I think that this is a unique love story,” says McPhee. “They already have so many challenges as it is with the little boy and working environment and also just the fact that he’s a genius and she’s a nongenius, and their personalities are in so many ways so different.”


So, what’s next for this new couple? Well, getting off of an island. Monday’s episode ended with Scorpion’s plane crashing, and when we pick back up next week, we’ll find them stranded on an island, Lost-style. But Walter isn’t letting the dire situation kill his vibe.

“Walter [makes] little efforts to be romantic in terms of picking a flower and saying sweet things, and Paige finds it a bit odd because the times he chooses to do them are odd,” says McPhee, adding that there’s a running a joke in the two-part finale about the newlyweds and Paige and Walter being sexually frustrated. “Paige is still trying to think in terms of work and getting off the island. So, there’s less physical stuff going on, which adds to their frustration of wanting to get off the island because they do want to express their feelings for each other.”

“He’s like a kid in a candy store with his new emotions, and he really wants to experience them,” says Gabel. “I think that’s the great joy about what Paige gives him — this ability to not be afraid of experiencing emotion and about really showcasing it and displaying it rather than dealing with all of those emotions inside.”

He continues, “I think it’s hilarious because he’s incredibly positive and overwhelmed with love rather than this miserable, fatalistic personality that maybe somebody on the island might have.”

Given the crisis at hand in the finale, Walter and Paige won’t get much time to figure out the mechanics of their relationship. However, McPhee promises that we’ll definitely see more of that in the fourth season finale.

“In the beginning, you’re going to see Walter and Paige go through that first phase of just complete new love with each other, almost as if they can’t control themselves gushing over each other perhaps sometimes during work environments, which would be deemed inappropriate, [and] sort of how the other team members deal with that, which I think would be a really cute addition to the team dynamic — them sort of grossed out by Walter and Paige gushing over each other,” says McPhee. “But what happens after that, I think, is going to be really fun to see: how long they can maintain a relationship that actually has legs, a future, and all that stuff.

Scorpion airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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