'They don't like you, Pocahontas,' Maher told his guest.

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On Friday night’s Real Time, host Bill Maher goaded Elizabeth Warren with a Pocahontas joke, a reference to President Trump’s jab at the Massachusetts senator. Still, she persisted.

Maher asserted that middle-class Trump voters are “still with him, they’re not with you” when it comes to issues like a tax plan that favors the rich. As Warren began her push back, the host joshed, “His fans are not with you. Come on. They don’t like you, Pocahontas.”

Trump continues to use Pocahontas — as recently as Friday — as a nickname for Warren, who previously claimed Native American heritage. Warren didn’t crack a smile as Maher and the audience chuckled; she waited for the laughter to die down before laying out her thesis.

“When you talk about what’s really the basic pieces of a progressive agenda – raising minimum wage, expand social security, reduce the cost of college so people don’t get crushed by student loan debt, more not less regulation of financial institutions … progressive taxation, make those at the top pay their fair share — America, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, vegetarians, Americans by about two-to-one are with us on that,” she said. “The progressive agenda is America’s agenda. We cannot forget that, and we cannot apologize.”

“I know, but this is the disconnect I’m talking about,” Maher countered. “I agree with you. They’re with you on the issues, and they vote for him. So what is that problem? … How come they fall for the con?”

Warren explained, “I think that Donald Trump tapped into a real anger in America. People are angry, and let’s face it: they are right to be angry. They are angry over the fact that young people can’t get an education without getting crushed by student loan debt…The first step is: our side has to acknowledge the anger and has to say, yeah, people are angry and they have a right to be angry.”

Maher got a better reaction from her when he later brought up a potential bid for the presidency in 2020. “No pressure,” he joked, to which the senator responded with a laugh and a farewell hug.

Watch the full interview in the clip above, and skip to the 6:41 mark for the Pocahontas joke.

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