Plus, Orlando Bloom, Amy Schumer, and Goldie Hawn share their awkward personal encounters and dating stories on 'The Graham Norton Show'

By Nick Romano
April 28, 2017 at 03:43 PM EDT
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Looking for love can be more complicated when you’re a celebrity. Just ask Orlando Bloom, John Boyega, Amy Schumer, and Goldie Hawn. While appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the quartet swapped stories about those oh-so-awkward encounters while dating.

Prior to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters, Bloom had advised Boyega to “secure the love of your life” before becoming a Hollywood hotshot. “I did,” Boyega said. “I’d done the whole process. She didn’t know what I did until we were driving through Times Square. She goes, ‘What do you do for a living?’” Unfortunately, there was a massive billboard of Finn wielding a lightsaber directly above them.

“I blocked her on my phone,” Boyega added. “Yeah, I mean, that picture in itself just affected her kind of stance.”

Bloom didn’t have a dating story per se, but he did recall an awkward encounter with a romantically charged Lord of the Rings fan when he was in his 20s. “I was walking through a supermarket buying pasta… and this woman came up behind me, and [the film] had only just released, and she whispered in my ear, ‘Are you my elf?'” he said.

“Honestly, comedy does not lead to d—. Trust me,” Schumer joked of her own experience with men.

“For women, I don’t think [comedy] really helps,” she added. “And guys are like, ‘I love a funny girl,’ and, um, they are lying. They love to hang with a funny girl but they’re not like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to hit that.'”

Though Schumer called Hawn “a supermodel that danced her whole life,” the Snatched co-star admitted to her share of dating woes. “It’s a crazy thing we were talking about: What’s the worst thing that happened on your date?” the Snatched co-star recalled. “We talked about that. And I forgot, but I threw up. He tried to kiss me and it made me sick, and I literally rolled down the window and I threw up. I said, ‘I’m so sorry, but you make me sick.'”

Watch them relive their awkward moments in the clip above.

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