There's 'Escape From New York,' 'Escape From L.A.,' and now 'Escape From Kurt Russell.'

By Nick Romano
April 28, 2017 at 08:17 AM EDT

Kurt Russell had trouble escaping New York and L.A. in his Snake Plissken movies, but now James Corden can’t escape him.

Instead of performing something like a role recall of Russell’s film career, as Corden did with Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Late Late Show host used the actor’s Escape films as inspiration for “Escape From Kurt Russell.” The sketch sees these two buddies constantly running into each other around L.A. and the rough housing Corden tries desperately to avoid.

“Hand of the dragon?” Russell says before kicking Corden to the floor. “I love you, baby!”

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Corden sees him again while trying to work in his office, leading to a tussle in which Russell throws his pal through two walls and puts him in the hospital. Corden sees him again when the doctor takes off his mask and reveals himself as Russell.

The sketch itself isn’t all that elaborate, but the two go all out on the absurdity. Watch the video above.

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