The original creator, Troy Duffy, is bringing his cult classic to the small screen.
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Boondock Saints Origins
Credit: Boondock Saints Origins/YouTube

The Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints are making a comeback on the small screen.

Troy Duffy, the writer-director behind the 1999 feature film and its 2009 sequel, has partnered with Don Carmody Television to realize The Boondock Saints: Origins, described as a “newly reimagined installment” for the franchise.

Accompanying the announcement, actor David Della Rocco (who played Rocco) revealed details of the adjoining fan campaign kicking off today with prizes in exchange for donations.

The original film starred Norman Reedus and Sean Flannery as Murphy and Connor McManus, two Irish-American fraternal twins who become vigilantes as they work to rid Boston of sinister forces. Plot details on Origins are under wraps, but Duffy tried to make a prequel series in 2015, when he signed on to write and direct a pilot for IM Global Television, according to Deadline.

“A television series is the perfect medium for storytelling inside the world of our beloved blue-collar superheroes. The brothers have always been defenders of the people, justice, fairness and the city of Boston,” Duffy said in a statement. “In this sensitive time of human rights unrest, government scandal and civil corruption, there couldn’t be a better moment to re-launch the brothers iconic brand of justice in the Cradle of Democracy.”

Prizes for the fan campaign include the first episode of Origins ahead of any broadcast or streaming run, a collector’s box, limited edition merchandise, access to world premiere screening and party, and a VIP “ultimate experience” trip to Boston. More info is available on

Boondock Saints Origins
Credit: Boondock Saints Origins/YouTube

Duffy will executive produce Origins with Don Carmody and David Cormican. Additional creatives, including casting and a showrunner, will be announced at a later time. The world premiere launch party for the series is scheduled for St. Patrick’s Day weekend next year.

The Boondock Saints
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