Saving the world, one science fact at a time.

One of the lesser-sung heroes of Stranger Things is none other than science teacher Mr. Clarke. Not only does he provide Mike, Dustin, and the gang with explanations of scientific theories they later use to save their friend Will, but he’s willing to put a date on hold to do so.

Now as people have noted, a lot of the science — as well as some of the fiction — of the Netflix series is based in reality. So it only makes sense that Bill Nye, our premiere Science Guy, would step into Mr. Clark’s shoes and explain some of the scientific theories around the multiverse — and inform us of where he stands on the theory.

“At the end of the day my money is on El,” explains the Bill Nye Saves the World star in the video above. “Travelling through space and time to be reunited with her Eggos.”

Bill Nye Saves the World and Stranger Things are both available to stream on Netflix now.

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