Move over, purple eggplant
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Genius (2016 film)

Albert Einstein was a genius, scientist, and mathematician. If Geoffrey Rush has his way, he’ll also be an emoji.

The Pirates of the Caribbean alum is channeling the famous physicist in the NatGeo series Genius, and during an upcoming appearance on Entertainment Weekly: The Show, he found an interesting way to describe Einstein.

“He’s like an emoji,” said Rush. “And I’m going to write to the emoji people and say, ‘Look, you’re really missing one,’ because I want to use it to sign off on my texts. Because that’s what people kind of know — they know the hair, they know the famous shot when he [sticks tongue out] did that for the paparazzi at some point.”

Genius premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on NatGeo.

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Genius (2016 film)
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