There are 11 million reasons why
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Credit: Netflix
Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker

There are 11 million reasons why 13 Reasons Why is the most tweeted-about show of 2017.

If it seems like everyone is talking about Netflix's new high school drama, it's because they are. Only three weeks after the series was released, the adaptation of Jay Asher's novel has been tweeted about more than 11 million times.

The show, which boasts a large ensemble, offers plenty of characters to discuss, but in order, the most tweeted-about have been Hannah (Katherine Langford), Clay (Logan Lerman Dylan Minnette), Jeff (Brandon Larracuente), Alex (Miles Heizer), and Justin (Brandon Flynn).

The social media popularity of the Selena Gomez-produced drama has spread to the stars as well, with many of the previously unknown actors seeing an enormous bump in their Twitter impact. Christian Navarro, who plays Tony, Clay's own personal Yoda, has seen his number of followers skyrocket from 625 to 83,518 since the show's release. Other rising stars on social media are Alisha Boe (Jessica), Larracuente, Michele Selene Ang (Courtney), and Devin Druid (Tyler), all jumping more than 1795 percent.

While some argue that the series shouldn't return for a potential second season, Asher and the cast seem more than open to a second go-round.

Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker
13 Reasons Why

Based on the 2007 novel by Jay Asher, the Netflix drama follows a teen named Clay who attempts to figure out what led his classmate and crush Hannah to take her own life.

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