The new Shondaland site will provide fans with lifestyle content, interviews, features, and news.
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Credit: Desiree Navarro/WireImage

From Grey’s Anatomy‘s Meredith Grey and Scandal‘s Olivia Pope, to How to Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise Keating and The Catch‘s Alice Vaughan, Shonda Rhimes has created a range of female characters fans can take inspiration from. And now, she’s bringing that same sensibility online with

Named for Rhimes and fellow Grey’s Anatomy EP Betsy Beers’ production company, the site will serve as a digital storytelling platform, providing fans of Rhimes (and her shows) with a full slate of content that will touch on politics, health, style, pop culture, and other issues women care about. But Shondaland won’t be limiting itself to just the written word when it comes to its features or news updates. The site will also include podcasts, among other things.

Former HelloGiggles editor-in-chief Jennifer Romolini has been named as the site’s Chief Content Officer, in charge of overseeing its content and expanding its digital reach.

The Shondaland site won’t go live until Fall 2017 in tandem with the return of Rhimes’ ABC shows. But before that, it will do a soft launch in May, sending out a series of newsletters allowing subscribers to access collections of reviews and essays, as well as exclusive interviews and lifestyle picks. Currently, visitors to the site, can view the following message and sign up: “Shondaland is for the warrior in all of us,” starts the message greeting current visitors to the site. “Shondaland is for the mighty, the competitive, the smart, the daring, and the bold. Add your voice. Join the tribe.”

You can sign up for the upcoming Shondaland newsletter at