It's a rematch between Mr. Jolly Rancher and Ben Franklin.

By Nick Romano
April 19, 2017 at 08:12 AM EDT

Add Mr. Jolly Rancher and Ben Franklin to the list of famous tennis rivalries.

Kevin Spacey, who was recently announced as host of this year’s Tony Awards, starred in Jimmy Fallon’s latest installment of Mad Lib Theater, in which the pair portrayed tennis rivals looking for a rematch.

As Dakota Johnson, Chris Pratt, and Benedict Cumberbatch have done in the past, the House of Cards star ran down words and phrases for Fallon in the style of Mad Libs, including “bungalow,” “rambunctious,” and “sex therapist.” According to the story they created in the resulting sketch, their tennis rivalry goes back to the 1922 Albanian Open, where Jolly sabotaged his opponent by placing 14 oranges on the court.

“You are going down ’cause I’m gonna be all over the court like a rambunctious sex therapist,” Spacey’s Ben declared.

To keep things fair, they needed a ref. John McEnroe surprised the audience to lead Spacey and Fallon in a Mad Libbed rendition of Queen’s “We Are the Champions.” It was all totally “bungalow.”

Watch the latest sketch in the clip above.

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