A strong meme game from Netflix

By James Hibberd
April 18, 2017 at 03:05 PM EDT
Credit: Netflix

A lesson for rivals: Don’t call out Netflix on Twitter.

Hulu attempted to take a jab at the streaming kingpin by cheerfully tweeting an ad that contained all of its content which doesn’t also appear on Netflix.

Netflix, perhaps feeling all cocky after its quarterly report came out showing its subscribers surging to nearly 100 million, shot back with this:

Now, for those who don’t get this: “Welcome to your tape” is a refrain from 13 Reasons Why, the popular Netflix teen adaptation about a young woman who died by suicide and left tapes behind for those who impacted her life — often in a negative manner. It’s become a meme reply that, as Refinery29 explained it, “makes light of the experience of being depressed, isolated, and hopeless.”

So Netflix is basically saying Hulu’s ad is so depressed, isolated, and hopeless that it’s making them feel suicidal (or perhaps that their ad plays a like suicide tape, depending on how you interpret it).

The “welcome to your tape” meme is not without controversy, as some find it rather tasteless to make jokes about suicide (though apparently, not Netflix).

To make all this a bit more surreal, the Twitter rapid response demons over at Wendy’s fast-food chain weighed in.