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The Thunderbirds Are Go for season 3 later this week — but what about their fans?

Well, lucky for viewers, Prime Video has made it so you don’t have to binge re-watch the last two seasons. All you’ll have to do to prep for the new season is watch the simple (and exclusive to EW) recap rap that outlines everything that’s gone down so far.

The animated series follows the adventures of Scott, Gordon, Virgil, John, and Alan Tracy, the five brothers who form International Rescue. Together with the help of their state-of-the-art Thunderbird vehicles and cover operative Kayo, British agent Lady Penelope, mechanical genius Brains, and driver Parker, they help people all over the world. While previous seasons have seen them go up against evil mastermind, the Hood — who most recently took over their secret island base — the newest one will see the Tracy brothers face off against the Mechanic, a bad guy who uses his mecha machines to create chaos.

Watch the recap rap above and then see Thunderbirds Are Go season 3 when it hits Prime Video Friday, April 21.

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  • 95 minutes
  • Jonathan Frakes