In eight seasons, these are the five most profitable investments

By Jami Ganz
April 17, 2017 at 04:04 PM EDT

Sharks — wealthy entrepreneurs looking for new products and businesses to invest in — get the job done on Shark Tank.

Coinage, Time Inc.’s personal finance video company, is rounding up the top five investments the Sharks have made in their eight-season run.

Each of the five Sharks invested in a proactive means of defeating the wrath of bed bugs, known, fittingly, as Buggy Beds. They split $250,000 for 25 percent equity. Buggy Beds is now sold in more than 23 countries around the globe and is estimated to have racked up $1,200,000 in sales last year.

Next up is Groovebook, a photo app that helps users to organize mobile photos into a scrapbook each month. This one was split by Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban who paid $150,000 for 80 percent of the licensing profits. Following an appearance on Shark Tank, Groovebook garnered close to 50,000 subscribers and, in 2014, was bought by Shutterstock for a whopping $14,500,000.

Tipsy Elves, of which Robert Herjavec now owns a 10 percent equity stake after having paid $100,000, is an ugly sweater distributor. Tipsy Elves raked in about $8 million in revenue last year alone.

Watch the video above to see what else made the list.

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