'Doctor Who' tool joins 'TARDIS' and 'Dalek' in reference book
Credit: BBC America

“Sonic screwdriver” may sound like something you’d order to kick off cocktail hour, but Doctor Who fans will be well aware that this famous and multifunctional — if also fictional — tool is, in fact, something the BBC America show’s titular Time Lord never leaves his famous blue box without.

Now, the cultural importance of the sonic screwdriver has been recognized by the Oxford English Dictionary. Over the weekend, it was announced on the official blog of this august tome that the Doctor’s favored tool is being added to the OED. The sonic screwdriver will be defined as “a (hand-held) electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical functions.”

The sonic screwdriver was first featured in the long-running British science fiction show way back in 1968. The OED already includes the Doctor Who-derived words TARDIS, Dalek, and Cyberman.

You can see the full OED entry for the sonic screwdriver below. Watch the trailer for the current season of Doctor Who here.

Sonic Screwdriver
Credit: Oxford University Press