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May 17, 2017 at 11:40 AM EDT
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20. Dr. Ken (ABC)

Prognosis has turned negative for a third season. Update: Canceled

Note: Uh-oh. We’re firmly shifting from shows being “on the bubble” to “likely canceled” unless a network ends up needing more returning programs than they currently expect (in other words: if their pilots are dreadful).


19. Son of Zorn (Fox)

Other sites give this show much better odds because the animated-meets-live-action experiment has the same average rating as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Last Man on Earth. They could be right, but we’re hearing Fox needs to open some space on Sundays and Zorn is likely to draw the short straw. Update: Canceled.

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18. The Real O’Neals (ABC)

Real O’Neals is ABC’s lowest rated comedy and the network will probably want to try something new. Update: Canceled

Warwick Saint / FOX

17. Pitch (Fox)

A once-promising title that is unlikely to get the chance to throw another strike. Could still surprise. Update 5/1: Yeeeeer, outta there!

Steve Wilkie/CBS

16. Ransom (CBS)

This is the Big 4 show that ties American Crime in the ratings. With these numbers, CBS would have normally nuked Ransom with extreme prejudice months ago. But it airs on Saturday as part of an experiment to boost a neglected time slot with a foreign-produced show with no promotion. So the whole situation is weird. It’s not automatically out, but nobody thinks it will be back either. Update: Canceled.

Matt Dinerstein/Fox

15. APB (Fox)

Very likely MIA from next year’s schedule. Update: Canceled.

Sonja Flemming/CBS

14. The Odd Couple (CBS)

CBS chief Les Moonves doesn’t earn $70 million a year by renewing his network’s lowest-rated comedy. Update: Canceled.

Jean Whiteside/FOX

13. The Exorcist (Fox)

If Fox executives get possessed by demons, then maybe it’s still got a shot? Update 5/10: Latest rumor is, this might get saved after all. Update 5/12: And it was! Renewed for a second season.

Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

12. Powerless (NBC)

Performance wise, if this D.C. Comics show were a movie it would be Catwoman. Update: Pulled from schedule early — which is to “cancellation” what “separating for a few months” is to “divorce.” Update: Canceled.

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

11. The Blacklist: Redemption (NBC)

The spin-off must die so the flagship may live. Update: And it did; canceled.

FINALLY: Rosewood through…. .

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