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May 17, 2017 at 11:40 AM EDT
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30. New Girl (Fox) 

Nobody is confident enough to make a prediction about the fate of this once-adorkable comedy. Reports that this month’s season finale was written to also serve as a potential series finale isn’t a positive sign. Update: And yet, Fox is renewing after all — kinda. The network wants 8 episodes (instead of the usual 22) for a seventh and final round.

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29. Trial & Error (NBC) 

Too soon to tell. We hear NBC really likes this crime satire, and the anthology would reset for its second season.


28. Code Black (CBS)

A better average rating than most titles at this point in the list, but CBS sets a high bar. Totally on life support. Update 5/1: Still has a pulse… Update: It’s alive! Renewed for another season.

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27. Quantico (ABC)

Here’s an interesting case where a non-ratings factor might tip a show’s fate; Quantico is quite profitable internationally, but its second season outright tanked on the network. What to do? Update: You renew it for only 13 episodes and change showrunners, that’s what you do (at least if you’re ABC).

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26. The Amazing Race (CBS)

If this was nearly any other show I would assume CBS would dump it. After lasting an incredible 29 cycles, ratings fell this season to only 4 million viewers and red-lining 0.9 rating. Maybe producers can cut costs by melting down all those golden Emmys? Update: Renewed!


25. Elementary (CBS)

Sherlock would have no problem deducing his series will very likely get canned. But Elementary has some international sales behind it, and something has to get sacrificed for CBS’ dreaded Sunday 10 p.m. slot (that’s the show that always gets pushed into late-night during football season). Update: Renewed!

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24. The Originals (The CW)

With The Vampire Diaries ending, does that mean The CW is more likely to keep its spin-off for a ninth season? Not really. The Originals has struggled lately to stand on its own and has a very real chance of getting staked this time. Update: Will live again.

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23. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS)

Officially considered a “bubble show,” but we strongly suspect this spin-off is beyond hope. Update: Canceled.

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22. The Catch (ABC)

Hey, who wants to tell Shonda Rhimes her show is canceled? Nobody at ABC, that’s for damn sure. But this thriller-turned-romcom was already totally creatively overhauled once and that didn’t help, so it’s tough to imagine ABC doubling down. Update: Canceled

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21. American Crime (ABC)

Only 3 million viewers and an outright terrible 0.6 adult-demo rating for a Big 4 network. Nobody outside ABC seems to think the drama, which has never been a hit, has any shot at returning, claiming the numbers make no sense. BUT it’s really hard to ax an acclaimed drama that received 10 Emmy nominations in its first season alone. Plus, AC is an anthology, so it’s tempting for executives to think: “But-but-but maybe fourth time will be different!” Update: Canceled

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