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May 17, 2017 at 11:40 AM EDT
The CW

40. iZombie (The CW) 

The first of four CW shows that haven’t been renewed. iZombie has proven itself to be a stable midseason replacement and The CW has a strong mind to bring it back. Update 5/10: Almost certainly returning. Update: Renewed.

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39. The Great Indoors (CBS)

We’re now getting into the less-safe shows. Joel McHale is delivering decent numbers, but his freshman comedy needs to prove it can perform without help from The Big Bang Theory (CBS will put it to the test on Monday for a couple weeks). Update: You know that Monday test we mentioned? Indoors did not pass; canceled.

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38. Blindspot (NBC) 

What happened to this show? Blindspot was the highest-rated new fall series just last season! Still, we expect The Girl with the Vaguely Helpful Tattoos will return. Update: Renewed!

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37. Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox)

The Andy Samberg comedy is the first of four Fox comedies in jeopardy, though tilts to a renewal. Update: Renewed!

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36. Last Man on Earth (Fox)

This is the second. Given the acclaim (five Emmy nods), you would think Fox will at least let Will Forte wrap up his post-apocalyptic story. (Not giving heavily serialized shows a proper ending doesn’t make much sense now that studios can make money on streaming service binging long after a series is off the air). Update 5/10: Renewed!

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35. Fresh Off the Boat (ABC)

Not so fresh anymore, so there’s a chance the comedy won’t make it to a fourth season. Update: Renewed!

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34. 24 Legacy (Fox)

A tough one to predict. Fox would rather not give a show the coveted post-Super Bowl slot and then kill it (that’s just embarrassing), and Legacy‘s ratings were higher than several other Fox dramas on this list. If only the action-packed series wasn’t so expensive and viewers didn’t seem to flee so decisively, a renewal would be easier. Update 5/1: We’re hearing it’s more likely Fox won’t bring back Legacy and will just reboot it again later down the road. Update 5/10: The decision on Legacy is so tough that Fox is likely going to make its decision after the upfronts. Update: 5/15: Fox confirmed decision is being pushed back.

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33. Last Man Standing (ABC)

Six seasons and Last Man Standing been on this list every single year and survivedwhich is kind of amazing. You can never bet against this Tim Allen title (and we certainly won’t). Update: But we should have! Canceled.

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32. Taken (NBC)

Getting big ratings are not, it seems, among Bryan Mills’ particular set of skills. We hear Taken is battling for one renewal slot with…Update 5/1: Odds have improved considerably in the last few weeks. Update 5/10: Renewed!

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31. Timeless (NBC)

If only this show could travel back in time to fall when its viewership was actually impressive. By the end of the season, its finale only delivered 3.3 million. Update: Canceled (but perhaps there are alternate timelines in the universe where it wasn’t). Update 5/12: We’re hearing it’s still possible Timeless could get a home somewhere else. Update 5/13: Whoa! In a very rare instance of a network actually changing its mind about killing off a show, NBC reversed course and renewed Timeless, giving the show a 10-episode, second season order to air in spring or summer 2018.

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