By Samantha Highfill
April 14, 2017 at 09:02 PM EDT
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MacGyver (1985 TV series)

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot from the April 14 finale of MacGyver.

After arguably the season’s biggest battle to date, MacGyver and his team were able to thwart Murdoc’s latest plan to steal a virus from the Phoenix Foundation. But Murdoc isn’t one to give up easily, so it should come as no surprise that by episode’s end, he’d escaped prison. As for Mac, he and Jack hit the road to go find Angus’ father.

But what does it all mean for season 2? EW spoke with showrunner Peter Lenkov about what comes next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I’m interested in the decision to set all the action of this episode inside the Phoenix Foundation.
PETER LENKOV: I was hoping it would be this mystery of: What is the Phoenix foundation, what’s in there, what do other rooms look like? We’ve only seen a little piece of it so the idea was to really do something that affects us, something that allows us to explore the location, something that allows us to work together as a team and to bring everything back home and have it affect them in a very personal way. We wanted to do something that felt very personal to let us explore this mythic place we created.

And it all centered around that virus…
The scene in Siberia at the end was originally in the pilot, and then I cut it out of the pilot because I thought it would be more interesting for the arc of the season — the realization of this thing that started this whole journey for everyone almost in some ways was the cause of it all. The idea of arcing the season with getting rid of that catalyst for everything that happened felt more interesting than putting it in the pilot episode.

Is there more to the Cairo story?
Yes. There’s no way that they could’ve gotten out of that — there was a bomb ticking down, they had guns to their heads. It’s a mini-cliffhanger in a way. The idea is that next season we’ll get to see another piece of that story, how they got out of that part of Cairo. Because Cairo has been talked about as being this major screw up, so how did they get out of it? I just wanted to give the audience a little bit of a taste of how complicated a scenario that was.

What can we expect from Murdoc in season 2?
He made it very clear what his intentions were: To get rid of all of us. So we have targets on our backs, especially when season 2 opens up. While he’s hunting us, we’re hunting him. We have established that he had a kid so we’re going to use that to leverage him and in an interesting way. That’s a way to get to him, unless he gets to that kid first.

I’m worried that Matty is at the top of his list.
She’s so tough. I wouldn’t be so scared; she’s tough.

And then there’s Mac’s father storyline…
The whole run of season 2, in terms of that arc, is the discovery at the end of the season who his father is. That will definitely pay off next season.

You’ve said there’s a role for Richard Dean Anderson if he wants it. Any movement on that?
The minute he says yes, he’ll be in there. I’ve been pursuing him for this role but so far I haven’t been able to convince him. But I will. I’m not giving up.

MacGyver (1985 TV series)

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