The 'Full House' actors tell their favorite tales of their old friend.

By Nick Romano
April 11, 2017 at 08:54 AM EDT
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Don Rickles had a lasting impact on the comedy world, and John Stamos and Bob Saget were some of the insult comic’s longtime friends. “His way of roasting was like nobody else’s — it was not done mean-spirited,” Saget told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday. “He did it out of love, but then when he was mean to you, it was like a privilege. It was like a gift.”

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the trio swapped their favorite memories and stories of Rickles, who died at the age of 90 on April 6.

“He really wanted me to find a girl,” Stamos recalled of their early meetings.

“A woman,” Saget corrected. “He said, ‘Stop dating, you know, teenagers.’ I mean, he did. He told me the same thing.”

Stamos further explained, “The problem is when he did that joke, he was like, ‘Stamos with 9-year-olds.’ I was like, ‘Why 9? Make ’em 20 or 22.'” He later added, “The great thing was that I finally met a beautiful woman that I’m madly in love with, and Don got to meet her and approved her and was just crazy about her.”

“Same thing with me — and it’s the same woman, which is ironic,” Saget joked.

Through a few tears, more memories about their dinners together, and some of Rickles’ favorite stories, Stamos remarked, “He was the best. I have to say that it’s just been the highlight of my life to spend time with him.” The actor also shared a selfie of his appearance on the Kimmel stage to Instagram.

Watch them reminisce in the clip above.

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