The 'Game of Thrones' author blasted CEO Oscar Munoz

By James Hibberd
April 11, 2017 at 06:32 PM EDT

United Airlines scandalous handling of an overbooked flight was too violent for even the author of Game of Thrones.

Noting he rarely comments on current events, George R.R. Martin took to his blog Tuesday to slam the airline for its now infamous ejection of a customer who had the misfortune of being “randomly volunteered” to be “re-accommodated.”

“The story about the passenger that United Airlines beat bloody and dragged off a flight — for no reason but to accommodate some of their own deadheading employees, and despite the fact that he had a ticket that he’d bought and paid for and was doing nothing but sitting peacefully in his assigned seat — has me seeing red,” Martin fumed.

“I stand with Jimmy [Kimmel], with Alan Grayson, and with millions of other ordinary Americans from coast to coast who were outraged by these videos, and by the mealy-mouthed corporate bullsh– the United’s CEO [Oscar Munoz] chose to offer afterward,” he continued. “… in what world does an airline employee’s need to get to his next flight take precedence over a doctor’s need to return to his hospital? The ‘police’ who dragged the man off the plane and beat him do not deserve the name of police officers, and should be fired immediately. ‘They were just following orders’ is no excuse. The United CEO should also resign. He’s a disgrace … I am old enough to remember when airlines were regulated, and passengers had rights. But we deregulated the airlines, and now passengers are cattle.”

CEO Oscar Munoz finally issued a legit-sounding apology for the incident on Tuesday after the airline’s stock dropped sharply and his airline put out several previous statements that will likely be used as teaching examples in college public relations courses for years to come.