Colbert mocked Trump "The Lesser" Jr. and "'80s movie henchman with no lines," Eric Trump.

Credit: CBS

Stephen Colbert realizes the late-night TV game has been dominated with talk of President Donald Trump, so he decided to give his Late Show audience a break on Friday — kind of.

“We talk about Donald Trump a lot on this show, but it’s Friday so let’s take a little break and talk about Donald Trump Jr.,” he said. “What is that lovable scamp up to this time? Is he inventing a new hair-slicking technology or sitting on a tree stump daydreaming about what new endangered species to shoot? Who knows?”

Apparently, Page Six knows: As the New York Post‘s gossip and entertainment section reports, “Trump the Lesser,” as Colbert called him, is eyeing the New York governor seat. “‘That is absurd and it will never happen’ is what I would’ve said six months ago,” Colbert remarked. “Now, we are screwed.”

As for Eric Trump, referred to by the late-night host as an “’80s movie henchman with no lines,” he’s “rich-mansplain”-ing his father’s nepotism, claiming it’s “a factor of life.” Attempting to apply some perspective, Colbert said, “So, he’s aware enough to realize he was born on third base and competent enough not to have wandered off into the outfield.”

The Donald break didn’t last long, however, as the host quickly segued into issues with Vice President Mike Pence and the president’s new hire “and Patton Oswalt cosplayer” Jason Dore. Watch Colbert’s opening monologue in the clip above.


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