Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what's coming next on their favorite shows
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ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." - Season Three

Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to spoilerroom@ew.com.

Is there anything you can share on the Arrow finale? — Eva
Oliver will have to use everything (and everyone) in his arsenal in order to take down Prometheus. “The alliances are going to be very surprising,” EP Wendy Mericle says of the finale. “You’re not going to believe who Oliver is working with to defeat Prometheus. It’s going to be really emotional. It’s going to be all about Oliver’s family, but not the family we’re thinking of right now. It’s going to end in a giant explosion, but not where we think it’s going to end, and the emotional punch is going to be bigger than the actual physical part of the bombs going off.”

What can you tease about The Blacklist‘s return? — Ralph
Red will be determined to find who’s trying to dismantle his company, leading him to use some rather, ahem, unconventional methods. “Liz is really struggling with the way that Reddington is handling this rift that is within empire,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “Red has been taking hits and he’s lost key allies, and as he handles that, we see things flare up that, oddly in a way, bring Liz and Red closer through how he handles these problems that he’s being faced with. So their weird tethered-together dynamic is something that’s still in flux, but she is definitely struggling with the way that Red is choosing to fight this war.”

If Olivia never rigged the election on Scandal, does that mean Fitz really isn’t POTUS in the 100th episode? — Alex
Sorry to break it to you, but Fitz would not have won without their help. “He’s not the president of the United States,” Tony Goldwyn confirms. “He’s very different. It’s something of a study of how the circumstances of our lives shape our identity, how we see ourselves, and how we present ourselves to the world. It’s subtle, the difference, it’s just really interesting who he is and what he struggles with. He ultimately is quite different.” Plus: Did you see this?

Any Supergirl scoop? — Abbey
The return hour features a big Lena-Supergirl story — with the introduction of Lena’s ex (iZombie‘s Rahul Kohli)! But despite Kara’s BFF having an infamous last name, Kara has no reason to suspect that the youngest Luthor is nothing but an ally. “Not at this point, no,” Melissa Benoist tells me. “I think they have a really special bond. The allure of the Luthor-Super relationship is so fascinating in the comics. I love where they’re taking it now. She has no caution to being friends with Lena. She just sees a good heart right now.” And if Kara someday has to face-off against Lena? “It would be devastating,” Benoist says.

Anything Once Upon a Time you can share? — Darren
In order to get Hook back, Emma will actually have to work with Gideon, and Jennifer Morrison likens their unlikely team-up to the heroes sometimes working with Gold knowing he could, at any moment, turn on them. “She treats Gideon very similarly to that and wants to believe the best in him because she sees the yearning in Belle to believe that her son isn’t irredeemable,” Morrison says. “Emma wants to believe that along with Belle, so she’s willing to give him a chance to prove that he’s not the villain that he seems to be.”

Loved the Haylijah “I love you” on The Originals! Anything on what’s next for them? — Susie
There’s good and bad news on that front. The good news? It was a sincere moment. “That’s a big step forward for them,” EP Michael Narducci says. “There is an intense — not just attraction — but an intense loyalty and intense romance [with] very strong feelings between these two characters.” The bad news, however, is that their love is going to be tested this season. “What’s going to happen next is what happens in life: You don’t just get to rest and enjoy a perfect tranquil life where everything you experience is joy and happiness,” Narducci says. “There’s going to be complications and heartbreak and trouble. A lot of things are going to stand in the way of these people’s happiness, and I just hope they’re able to not only survive it but endure together.”

Even though it was LMD Fitz who brought up marriage, will the couple still discuss that on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Matthew
That all depends on if and when they actually get out of the Framework, but basically yes. “He was expressing real emotion,” EP Jed Whedon says. “It could happen. If they ever get back together, that’s something that could happen in their future.”

Would love some Blindspot scoop to tide us over during this hiatus! — Erin
Though viewers didn’t actually get to see the content of the tape, Reade’s worst fears about what the coach may have done to him have been confirmed, according to EP Martin Gero. However, “It helps him start to heal,” Gero says, teasing that Reade will now face his problems head-on, though his status on the team is still TBD. “Reade is at least on the road to recovery, I don’t think he’s back into fighting shape just yet. The rest of the arc of the season is Reade trying to figure out what makes sense for him when it comes to being back on the team.”

You’ve told us before that Caleb will be back on Quantico, but it’s been three episodes and he’s still nowhere to be seen. When will he reenter the picture? — Charles
You’ll see him in Monday night’s episode — or rather, you’ll see one of our leads reach out to him, definitively bringing him into the loop. (You can probably guess which one.) After that, everyone’s favorite Haas brother — or maybe not, depending on how much you’ve warmed up to Clay — “begins his arc with us in the next few weeks,” says showrunner Josh Safran. Trust me: It’s an arc that’s sure to shake things up in the task force.

Any teases for the series finale of Switched at Birth? — Simone
As you might expect, the extended finale will harken back to the show’s first few episodes, when the Kennish and Vasquez family first learned of the switch (and had their first big dinner together — see the reprise of that meal here). It’ll also have a few twists, including someone getting a new job, someone being told off (and deservedly so — go, Daphne!), and at least one person leaving their current home. And while it’s certainly not devoid of romance, expect the finale to stay true to the show’s original theme: family.

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Additional reporting by Breanne L. Heldman, Samantha Highfill, and Shirley Li.

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