By Oliver Gettell
April 06, 2017 at 09:26 PM EDT

AARP Studios has released an amuse-bouche for Dinner With Don, one of the final screen projects of the venerable comedian Don Rickles, who died Thursday at age 90.

The 10-episode series, announced last month, features Rickles sharing meals and trading barbs with friends and fellow comics he has inspired over the years. As seen in the new teaser video, he also reflects on the origins of his comedic style.

“Everything I’ve ever done, I’ve never had a writer,” Rickles tells Sarah Silverman. “I’ve made it up myself. And so I developed this style of kidding with people but not being mean.”

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Throughout the video, Rickles lands zingers on dining companions including Zach Galifianakis, Amy Poehler, and Jimmy Kimmel. Asked by Galifianakis how he’d like to be addressed, Rickles deadpans, “God.”

In a statement accompanying the video, AARP Studios Vice President Jeffrey Eagle said, “Don was known for his biting, acerbic humor, and we feel lucky enough to have experienced that firsthand. He was also a thoughtful, kind, and generous colleague and friend. Don continued to make audiences laugh throughout his life and career and his legacy will live on.”

Watch the Dinner With Don teaser above.