By Tim Stack
April 06, 2017 at 12:00 PM EDT
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There are several episodes that stand out over the course of Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s seven-season run and season 4‘s “Hush” is without a doubt a fan favorite.

Written and directed by creator Joss Whedon, “Hush” finds the major players, including Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar), battling floating demons called The Gentlemen who have stolen the voices of everyone in Sunnydale. That twist means half the episode is completely without dialogue.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar: I couldn’t wait for [“Hush”]. It was just a week of not having to learn lines. It was so hard. It was so hard.
Alyson Hannigan: Probably one of the hardest episodes.
Sarah Michelle Gellar: I was never so tired physically exhausted.
Michelle Trachtenberg: As a fan, though, you were perfection that episode. That’s when I truly knew that I fell in love with the show.


James Marsters: But Joss was specific about direction. Like, every little moment. “Nope, that was beautiful, but you need to do it half a second later than you did it.” It was all planned with an inch.
Amber Benson: No one wanted to sit at lunch with [The Gentlemen]. I felt really bad.

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