By James Hibberd
April 05, 2017 at 10:24 AM EDT
Credit: Dreamworks

The era of the thumb has begun.

Netflix is officially rolling out its new user content review system on Wednesday, replacing its traditional star-rating system with a more personalized thumbs up/down method. The star system currently still appears on the service, but the Netflix system gods will begin adding thumbs icons today and will eventually flip the switch dimming their star field forever. They even put out a video about it, below, to brace their subscribers for the change — and to say that their star system was also a personalized system, at least to some degree, even though most users did not realize it.

“A misunderstood hero, the stars were always a prediction of what you might enjoy,” the company says. “Ratings on Netflix have never been a reflection of popularity. So you might have seen 1-star rating for House of Cards but your politics-obsessed cousin could see 5. Which is why we found a simpler way to help you find the perfect match.”

“It’s kind of like dating apps, actually,” the message continues, which is the same comparison we made when the news first announced.

Basically, you will give content a thumbs up or down and it helps the system recommend other titles based on a percentage match. Pretty simple — and without the one-star Amy Schumer-shaming aspect that recently drew so much attention.

All those boldly opinionated ratings you gave various movies weren’t for nothing, however. Netflix director of product innovation Cameron Johnson told THR that user data will be used to help customize your percentage match upon system launch.