The alien declares he still intends to finish his mission

By Christian Holub
April 05, 2017 at 04:13 PM EDT

It’s been some more than a decade since the last episode of Invader Zim aired on Nickelodeon, leaving its eponymous protagonist’s mission to conquer the Earth unfinished. Luckily for fans of the cult classic cartoon, Nickelodeon announced this week that it will be bringing Invader Zim back as a 90-minute TV movie. In the first official clip for the return, above, Zim returns (in voice only) to remind everyone he still very much intends to finish his mission — if he can ever get his companion GIR to stop constantly undermining him, that is.

Originally created by Jhonen Vasquez in 2001, Invader Zim featured a pip-squeak alien, the laughingstock of his race, trying to redeem himself by conquering Earth. He had some support from his unreliable companion GIR, and stubborn opposition from his human classmates Dib and Gaz. None of those characters’ unique designs are on offer in this teaser, which is only audio, but it’s still a crazy experience for fans to hear Zim’s voice all these years later — and still just as arrogant as ever.

“People of Earth, did you really think you’d seen the last of me?” Zim’s voice crackles. “Don’t you know an invader never stops until their mission is complete? I’ve been watching you, waiting, and soon your world will be mine!” In response to much robotic canine laughter, he clarifies, “No, GIR, I’m being serious!”

Watch the teaser above. No premiere date has been announced yet for the movie, though, the clip ends by noting it will be “invading soon,ish.”