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SPOILER ALERT: Read on only if you have already watched tonight’s episode of Chicago P.D., “Last Minute Resistance.”

This week’s episode of Chicago P.D. proved one thing fans have probably known all along: Kim Burgess is one heck of a cop. After going to a dark place to help catch the men who assaulted her sister and left her friend for dead, even Voight said so, which made her request for an extended furlough to care for her sister and niece all the more heartbreaking.

In real life, Marina Squerciati needed to make a graceful exit to go on maternity leave. We checked in with her to wish her well, learn her thoughts on this harrowing episode, and, most importantly, get a status report on Burgess’ relationship with Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), which has been left in the air for the moment.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Which came first: the idea for this storyline or figuring out how they were going to give you a break for your pregnancy?
MARINA SQUERCIATI: I think, to be honest, figuring out how to give me a break. … For awhile, they were going to write [the pregnancy] in, and then they weren’t going to write it in. It was a lot of back and forth and ultimately, when they decided not to write it in, you needed a plausible reason why Burgess would leave for awhile. I think this was really a beautiful way for Burgess to leave because it’s kind of on her own terms, but also not on her own terms. She’s just getting her stride and it’s kind of sad that she has to leave — one, she has to leave her job, but also the reason that she has to leave. It’s a really tragic episode and beautiful.

That moment where Voight (Jason Beghe) told her she belongs in Intelligence made her taking leave extra tragic.
Right?! When has Voight ever given anyone a compliment?! It was like, can you say that a little louder in my voice recorder so I can play that back on a bad day? And I think she’s been hit or miss in Intelligence, and she’s finally getting her stride.

Burgess’ relationship with Olinsky (Elias Koteas) as a begrudging mentor has been so interesting over the past few months. How is he going to handle the news that Burgess is going to take a break?
I imagine he’ll just be going into a corner and crying. I mean, that’s how I would play it if I was Elias, sobbing and eating Ho-Hos. [Laughs] I don’t even know if they address it; I hope they do. I’m not really sure how the other characters will deal with my leaving once I’m gone, but hopefully, they all take a while to bounce back.

Are you going to be back for the finale at all, or is this the last we’ll see you for the season?
I believe this is the last you’ll see me for the season.

Would you have had the nerve to take the shot with the ketamine in it?
I hope so. I don’t have any siblings, but I do have a best friend who is more than a sister to me and I feel like if anyone hurt her, I think I’d probably go crazy. I think that Burgess goes a little over the edge. I think there’s a light that basically goes out in her eyes in this episode and she’s just like a train headed for a target. She is just focused on a target, so I hope that I would do that too.

Assuming the show is picked up, where do you see Burgess in season 5?
I’m really interested to see who Burgess comes back as on season 5 because I do think this is a different Burgess than we’ve ever seen before. I don’t think you’re the same person after this [episode].

#Burzek is a bit in the air right now. How would you describe their relationship status?
I think it’s vague. I hope there’s some clarity coming up, but I don’t really know. What I do like about it is that they are able to work with one another and they’re clearly cool with one another. I think the break that Ruzek took when he went undercover kind of gave him the space to realize we’re better than this and we’re going to work together. Let’s be mature. And I think they’re friends again. I don’t know if they’re lovers. They’re definitely friends, and I definitely think that they’re not dating other people. That’s the best way I can put it.

Do you think they’re it for each other, or do you think it could go either way?
I think they’re it for each other. I think it’ll be a slow burn and I don’t know that it’ll happen right away and maybe they’ll take different paths on the way to get to each other, but I do think that they’re meant for each other ultimately.

Is there a world where Ruzek and Burgess and Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) can all be happily ever after?
No. One couple gets to hit a home run and the other has to sit in the dugout, because that’s just the way TV works. If you’re rooting for Linstead, you can’t root for Burzek, and vice versa.

Did they give you a proper sendoff with a party or baby shower?
Sophia [Bush] and Amy Morton gave me this amazing baby shower, and all the women from the One Chicago franchise and all the wives of all the guys who are on the show as well came. It was a big, beautiful party. I didn’t really want a baby shower — I’m not into baby shower games and opening presents in front of anyone, so I was kind of bossy about it. I said, “As long as we don’t play the baby shower games and it’s just people coming together to have fun,” and it was great. It was such a fun party, with great food and great drinks and made we flower crowns. It was wonderful.

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