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April 05, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Wednesday’s episode of Blindspot. Read at your own risk!

A member of the FBI’s special task force left the team for good during Wednesday’s episode of Blindspot.

During the hour, Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Weitz (Aaron Abrams) returned to give a deposition about the failed Sandstorm raid, aiming to get the team disbanded and advance his own career. While it looked like Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) would take the fall to keep Weitz from bringing the team in front of Congress, Nas (Archie Panjabi) ends up taking responsibility for every misstep, thus giving Weitz a win and taking the heat off the team. Is Nas gone for good? EW turned to executive producer Martin Gero to find out:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Nas has taken the blame.
MARTIN GERO: Yeah, she took a bullet, took one for the team.

Is this the end of Archie’s run on the show?
Gosh, I hope not. All I’ll say is this is not the last you’ll see of Archie, I think. When we were lucky enough to cast her, we kept expanding her role, because she’s so great and we love having her. Usually, with a character like this, we’d kill [her] off, but we just love having her around so much, and we didn’t need someone to die at this particular moment, so we left it with a question mark. She’s still very much out in the world on Blindspot, and hopefully situations will line up and she’ll maybe be able to come back and do some more.

Will she be back by the end of the season?
Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out.

Did you consider showing Nas getting dragged in front of Congress, even if it was in the background? Will we get some resolution as to this Weitz case?
I don’t think you need that necessarily. It’s not about the Weitz case, it’s about her insanely selfless act. We did discuss what it would look like if we did an actual Senate hearing, but we thought this was more contained and personal for her.

How will the team deal with her absence moving forward, especially since Nas provided so much access?
The good news is she’s been priming Patterson. She gave Patterson the keys to the kingdom, so to speak, in episode 8 or 9. Patterson does have a lot of the access that Nas has. More importantly, she’s given them the greatest going-away present ever, which is the access to Sandstorm’s funds.

At the close of the hour, Shepherd has picked up something from Bangkok. What’s going on there?
There’s a lot of nuclear material in that final shot, which will be real scary to everybody. The fact that she says, “You might want to avoid the Western Hemisphere,” that’s also very bad. There’s only so many places where you can buy that kind of material, so we went all the way to Thailand. Fun fact: We shot that in Thailand. The end of this episode and giant pieces of the next episode were shot on location in Bangkok. There’s an amazing action sequence in the beginning of the next episode that was done with this phenomenal Thai action stunt team that is very, very exciting.

If she’s going the nuclear route, is Shepherd ready and willing to die for her plans? Does she have a death wish?
I don’t think she has a death wish, but she’s certainly willing to give her life to the cause. She’s a true believer, she believes what they’re doing is bigger than anyone, including her. She’s insanely dangerous.

As we get closer to Phase 2, does stopping Shepherd start to feel hopeless for the team?
The good news is from episode 16 on, the tide has started to turn. They really have been registering serious wins. Even at the end of this episode, even though they lost Nas to bureaucracy, she’s given them a road map to really hurt Sandstorm. You’ll see in these last four episodes some massive blows are landed against Sandstorm, so the team finally feels like they’re gaining momentum. Stopping it is just a question of: Can they get there in time?

Will any of the tattoos on Jane’s body actually lead to Phase 2?
No, Shepherd wouldn’t do that because she wants to hide her true intentions. But I will say, though, there is a moment at the end of episode 21 that all of the tattoos start to line up. You start to understand in a greater whole, not just the Weller of it all, what they were meant to do.

Is there anything you can tease about the finale?
I got a call from NBC the other day; they’ve seen up to episode 20. They’re just so excited creatively with how the show is going. I really think 19-22 is our best run of episodes we’ve done. They’re very emotional, there’s a lot of humor in them, they’re a lot of fun and the highest stakes ever. Episode 22, it’s hard to think of it as its own island because all of these episodes lead into each other, but the most satisfying payoffs we’ve ever had, both for the plot and more importantly the characters, are coming in these last four episodes.

Are you going to end with a cliffhanger?
Of course. Wouldn’t be Blindspot without a cliffhanger. I will say regardless of what happens, because we’ve designed these seasons as solid beginning, middle, and end, it’s going to be a very satisfying ending. We’re covered both ways.

Blindspot airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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