April 03, 2017 at 10:16 PM EDT

Having already compared Donald Trump to Voldemort, Stephen Colbert is now referencing another big-screen villain in relation to the president.

On Monday’s Late Show, the late-night host discussed the ties between Russia and the Trump administration, with the most recent allegations that Russia hired internet trolls to create anti-Hillary Clinton fake news stories.

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“When I say fake news, this is real fake news, not fake fake news that is real news that Donald Trump just doesn’t like,” quipped Colbert.

The reported process — one nearly identical to a current plot on Homeland — involved using bots to like and share fake news posts, further disseminating misinformation and fooling more online readers into believing it.

“Because if enough people say something is popular, I might trust that it’s good,” said Colbert. “It’s like how if one person tells me how Transformers is a good movie, I might not see it. But if everyone on Facebook is raving about it, I’ll go. And by the time I realize I was lied to, Megatron is president.”

Watch the clip above.

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