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24 Legacy 4/3/2017
Credit: Guy D'Alema/FOX; Steve Dietl/FOX

Every week, actor Dan Bucatinsky, who plays CTU analyst Andy Shalowitz, a.k.a. the new Chloe O’Brian, will take EW readers behind the scenes of the action-packed 24: Legacy with his blog. Here, he takes us into episode 110, “9:00 PM – 10:00 PM.” Take it away, Dan!

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: 24: Legacy is almost over. So if you’ve missed a few or you’ve missed the whole season… pour yourself a drink, make some popcorn and CATCH UP. Some good guys are winning. Some are losing. Some bad guys are dying and new ones are emerging! After this week’s episode, there are only two episodes left! Catch up on Hulu and the FOX app!

HERE’S WHAT YOU MISSED THIS WEEK: Carter walks into CTU and wants to question Jennifer, the woman who previously had a bomb bubble-wrapped to her chest and lost her boyfriend Steve in last week’s hallway gun battle as Jadalla escaped!

Rebecca tells Henry about John being taken. This totally freaks Henry out and he rats on Luis, who was the true man behind their terrorist dealings. In complete fear and fury, Henry demands Luis come clean and share all his intel with CTU. Yeah, right. Like that’s gonna happen. Luis, armed with a blender, knocks Henry to the ground in a very splashy but very empty kitchen. These boys clearly don’t cook much. Luis escapes with his laptop.

Remember the caravan of terrorists who drove through the security checkpoint last week? Well, they finally made a pit stop and now an old, one-armed, half-blind and burnt-to-a-crisp hot mess of an old guy gets wheeled out. Oh, it’s Bin-Khalid! The man all those army rangers thought they’d killed in Yemen as part of Rebecca Ingram’s plan. He is ready to be reunited with his son, Jadalla, who’s been delivered to him by Naseri. He’d better stay on his good side. No. Not like that. I mean, literally, stay on the side where he can see him. ‘Cause he’s missing an eye on the other. Bin-Khalid reassures his son he’s not failed him but has instead “come home.” Father and son are now ready to work together to use John Donovan to lure Rebecca Ingram to them to “pay for her crimes.” Jadalla calls Rebecca and says as much.

Carter gently prods Jennifer in the infirmary to remember ANYTHING she can to stop the people who killed her boyfriend, Steven. But she’s fragile and confused. Suddenly, Andy enters to relieve Carter. They have a long overdue reunion hug, acknowledging their success in escaping their deaths in the mission to capture the flash drive with sleeper cells. Andy proudly announces he’s almost done “rolling them up.” I didn’t know what that meant either until I was told. It means they’re being targeted and disbanded. Andy saw Carter’s wife, Nicole, entering CTU and he will take over “chatting” with Jennifer so Eric can see her.

I begged my bosses to let me change my clothes when Andy returns to CTU, but they thought he’d seem way more like a badass if he got back to work with no time for a change. That said, I don’t know how comforting he looks to Jennifer with his blood-soaked pants, dirt-stained and bruised face, and jacked-up wounded leg. Yep. Andy’s appearance screams out, “Open your soul, I’m here for you.” Across CTU, Nicole and Isaac look fantastic. Who knew what a difference a shower and change of clothes would make?!

Nicole confronts Carter about the letter she found in their house about Rebecca’s offer for him to join CTU. She reminds Carter how he began this day wanting to start a family. Was that all a lie? Nicole doesn’t trust him anymore­. Why did he keep it from her? But Rebecca interrupts them right on cue.

Rebecca confides in Carter about her conversation with Jadalla. She’s decided to use herself as bait to free her husband. Though they want to stage her public execution, she wants Carter to come with her to take out Naseri and Jadalla when she draws them out. It’s a tall order, but we know that Carter is down for anything heroic.

Jennifer remembers two words were spoken by one of the men: “EAST JULY.” Andy writes the words down on his tablet, and as he leaves to find Mullins, he gets an aide to “run a scan” on those words. CTU can always “run a scan” on almost anything.

Mullins confronts Andy about the disappearance of Rebecca and Carter. Andy swears he knows nothing about it. He’s just as surprised that they took some serious ammunition from the armory. Andy is able to track down Tony Almeida’s phone number, and when they call him, they get him on board to help find Rebecca. Duh. He’s still got feelings for her. Which doesn’t go over real big with his current squeeze.

While CTU runs coordinates on Rebecca and Carter, hoping to intercept them before they arrive at Jadalla’s hide out, Nicole is desperate for answers on Carter’s whereabouts. Isaac suggests that maybe they take this as an opportunity to start over together. Nicole doesn’t agree… but she also doesn’t refuse. So which team are you on? #teamEric or #teamIsaac?

After a close call with the cops, Carter and Rebecca make it to an abandoned football field where Jadalla is prepared to film Rebecca’s public “confession.” Carter is up on the stands with his weapon, out of view. Rebecca and Carter talk to each other using earbuds. She makes Eric promise if anything goes wrong, he won’t let them take her alive. That’s a tough promise to keep.

Back at CTU, Andy’s search for the meaning of “East July” is mysteriously thwarted by a National Security firewall keeping that information completely inaccessible. But he does learn that the firewall has been put in place by the DNI, a.k.a. Donald Simms, the Director of National Intelligence. (He’s the same guy who ordered the drone to take out the warehouse in episode 8!)

In the spirit of taking them down once and for all, Rebecca makes herself visible in the open field once her husband has been safely released. From the bleachers, Carter shoots Jadalla in the head, knocking him and his flaming torch to the gasoline-soaked ground. A fire quickly envelops the stadium, and in the smoke, Naseri takes Rebecca away. But at CTU, everyone is crowded around a phone where they HEAR Rebecca screaming “Bin-Khalid’s alive!!” …

HERE’S WHAT YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY KNOW: According to Miranda Otto, shooting the fire scene in the abandoned stadium was intense and oddly fun. It took a few long nights and the temperatures had just plunged into the 30s, so everyone was pretty chilly. She said it felt fun to be out of CTU as huge, sweeping shots were set up across that big field to capture Rebecca, Carter, and Jadalla in different spots at the exact same time. It was hard for each of them to hear one another; they used cell phones and an elaborate speaker system on Corey Hawkins’ side. Eventually, they realized if they got real earbuds and played it as authentically as possible, it would work. Real technology always wins in the end. The next night, there was an accidental surge in the gas pipeline that controlled the fire. The actors all thought it was deliberate for a greater reaction, but it was an accident. Luckily they got great reactions anyway.

When we all read the script for episode 10, our jaws dropped when we saw that Bin-Khalid was alive. And he had only one arm and one eye and half his body was scorched! How on earth would we pull that off? Special effects? Computer graphics? Nope. A top-notch makeup team led by Mariana Elias. Here are some ACTUAL photos she took of the work they did to create his “look”:

24 Legacy 4/3/2017
Credit: Mariana Elias
24 Legacy 4/3/2017
Credit: Mariana Elias
24 Legacy 4/3/2017
Credit: Mariana Elias

When Corey and I got to shoot our reunion scene in the infirmary, we were like kids in a candy shop with all the medical equipment and props they’d filled the place with. I took this picture among many of us horsing around with the latex gloves!

See you next week!

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