The 'Feud' actress and Bernie Sanders supporter got into a heated discussion on politics with Stephen Colbert.
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Susan Sarandon and Stephen Colbert got into a mildly heated discussion on politics Friday night. The Late Show host grilled the Feud actress and diehard Bernie Sanders supporter on her previous comments about Donald Trump bringing about a revolution in America.

“Goldman Sachs has been in politics forever, and now we’re noticing because this guy is such a bozo that he’s just doing everything so badly that he’s not slick like everybody else,” Sarandon said. “I mean, all the fracking that’s been going on, the pipelines were all there before Trump got in. This has been going on, but now everybody’s awake, they’re energized, right? They’re calling their senators, they’re donating to all of these groups.”

“You’re funnier, don’t you think?” she said to Colbert. “It’s doing great things for comedy.”

Sarandon’s opening remarks set the tone for the unease that permeated throughout the interview. “Well, I’m so happy that you asked — not really, but okay we’ll get into it,” she said once Colbert brought up her remarks on Trump. Despite her Sanders allegiance, she voted for Green Party candidate Jill Stein, having called the DNC “completely corrupt” and the entire election a fight for “the lesser of two evils.”

Referring to Sarandon as a “revolutionary hippie,” Colbert asked if she meant a revolution in terms of “revolution in the head,” “revolution in our hearts,” or “revolution in political engagement.”

“All of the above,” she said. Colbert pressed further, asking if that meant “brick through the window” and “line the rich people up against the wall.”

“You’re watching the wrong movie, that’s not what we’re talking about,” Sarandon said. “No, I’m talking about people being engaged in the system, holding representatives responsible. We have to identify real progressives, people that are going to get us health care, college education, and infrastructure, and we’re in an oligarchy right now, and people were saying, ‘We don’t want the status quo,’ ‘The status quo’s not working.'”

She added that “the only candidate, as stupid as he [was],” who offered an alternative to the status quo “wasn’t Hillary Clinton. It was Trump. So people wanted a change, and now they’re getting something that they didn’t expect, but they’re writing and they’re calling and they’re young people. The millennials are on fire.”

Watch the interview in the clip above.

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