The comedian made an argument for why naps are better than sex.

By Nick Romano
March 31, 2017 at 09:24 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show audience applauded Louis C.K. for his love of naps, but they quickly turned on the comedian when he declared them to be better than sex. “Oh, now you’re not so excited — before you were applauding,” C.K. joshed.

“It is better than sex because, first of all, a nap is always 100 percent successful,” he explained. “There’s never mixed results with a nap. Sex is good but there’s like a, you know, like, you never take a nap where afterward you’re like, ‘Ugh, I probably shouldn’t have taken that. That was a bad idea. That’s gonna be a problem later that I took that nap. Can’t go back to that restaurant now. Now I have a bump on my penis.'”

C.K. said he gets as excited for naps the same way his 20-year-old self was hyped for sex. “It’s better than sex itself, is knowing it’s gonna happen,” he said. Though, he attests there’s always that sad feeling at the end where you think, “It’s probably the last time.” There’s never that feeling with naps.

Watch C.K.’s defense of naps in the video above.

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