Remember thier "top secret" project? It's not exactly Carpool Karaoke.

By Nick Romano
March 31, 2017 at 07:53 AM EDT
Credit: Terence Patrick/CBS

Victoria Beckham isn’t (just) doing Carpool Karaoke, after all — it’s so much better than that.

The former Spice Girl teased “top secret filming” on Instagram the other day, revealing herself in the familiar Carpool Karaoke car with James Corden. Turns out, this was just one portion of a larger sketch the pair put together as the “remake no one asked for” of Mannequin.

Sex and the City actress Kim Cattrall starred as a mannequin come to life in the film from 1987, and now Beckham steps into her plastic shoes. The twist is that only Corden is able to see her as a real person, everyone else just thinks he’s losing his mind talking to a dummy. “But their love wasn’t meant for this world,” a narrator says as they make a plan to return Beckham to her own kind at a Target display window.

It all makes sense now. Who was that mystery extra laughing alongside Beckham and Corden in that Instagram photo? A fellow mannequin. Beckham’s Instagram Story wasn’t a complete red herring, though: as Corden’s driving his true love on their mission, the two perform a quick Carpool Karaoke version of “Spice Up Your Life.”

The celeb shared one behind-the-scenes video of her and Corden filming a jovial dancing scene in the wardrobe room that’s even more hilarious to watch when there’s no music.

Watch the magic unfold above.

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