Scott M. Gimple says 'The Walking Dead' season 7 finale will feature both 'brightness and darkness'

By Dalton Ross
March 30, 2017 at 01:33 PM EDT
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We are mere days from the final chapter in The Walking Dead’s season 7 saga. Rick finally has his artillery and his army. Only problem is, Negan seems to know it and has some plans of his own. Action! Reaction! Point! Counterpoint! This is what we have been waiting for, and the wait appears to be over, with the best bet being that the battle shall finally be joined in the April 2 season finale.

Of course, when a battle is joined, there are casualties, and we have our guesses as to who some of those casualties will and won’t be. We also have a good idea as to some of the moods and themes that will be hit upon thanks to interviews with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, and director/exec-producer Greg Nicotero. But we give the last word to the showrunner himself, Scott M. Gimple. (Yes, he already had his say about the finale, but the guy is so nice we had to speak twice.)

So, Scott, what should viewers expect in season 7’s final installment? “I will say it’s everything,” teases Gimple. “It’s the highs and lows, brightness and darkness, alpha to omega, a quiet-loud-sad-happy tragiredemptive circus of emotion, anguish, and grace. I hope people feel it all come together and have that rush you feel when the roller coaster finally coasts back to the platform.”

That tracks with what the cast has been saying — that this year’s finale strikes on themes both tragic and triumphant. The biggest question, of course, is when that roller coaster finally does coast back to the platform, who will still be on board? We’ll have to wait until Sunday, April 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT (on AMC) to find out.

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