'This sounds like a different show,' remarks Bell as she reads the 1996 treatment

By Chancellor Agard
March 30, 2017 at 11:00 AM EDT

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Did you know Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas had a different idea for the character when he initially pitched the story as a novel in 1996? We didn’t, and Kristen Bell certainly didn’t either until she read Thomas’ initial book proposal — which fans can watch her do right now.

In the video above, Bell gives us a dramatic and commentary-filled reading of the recently unearthed YA-novel pitch for “Untitled Teen Detective.” The proposal features several significant changes from the beloved three season-long TV series; from the book’s Austin, Texas, setting to the fact that Veronica was actually a guy named Keith who had some evil tendencies.

“This sounds like a different show,” remarks Bell as she reads the treatment, the full version of which can be found here: veronicamarsbook.ew.com.

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She ends her reading with some advice for Thomas: “Wow, Rob, that is a lot of flowery language. Not that we need to dull it down, but maybe tone it down a bit. You’re coming on a little strong,” says Bell.

Watch the video above.

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