"If it's not military, it doesn't matter." So, let's militarize Meals on Wheels
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"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere

“If Trump only wants to spend money on the military, then maybe we just have to make everything military,” Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show Tuesday night. Enter MEAL Team Six, the militarized version of Meals on Wheels.

Noah’s correspondent Roy Wood Jr. suited up for a sketch to help save the non-profit organization that feeds the elderly, veterans, and disabled by tricking the government into thinking it’s part of the armed forces. “Is this the perfect way to get food to people? Probably not,” Wood said while airdropping in food by way of a remote control drone. “But at least it’s feeding folks like Irene and Peter — and they’re veterans, for God’s sake. They fought for and alongside America. It’s our duty to feed them. And if you even mess with them or any other Meals on Wheels recipients, you’re gonna see what MEAL Team Six can do.”

“It’s certainly 100 percent better than no food at all,” Irene said of the food delivery strike force.

According to President Donald Trump’s budget plan, Meals on Wheels is one of many programs to be cut as military spending increases. Noah blasted White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney for calling the non-profit one of the “programs that don’t work.”

“Wow. Food doesn’t work? You ‘can’t defend that anymore’? So, let me get this straight, the Trump administration will defend Putin, white supremacists, and sexual assault, but delivering food to old people, oh, that s– is immoral.” Noah said.

Watch Noah’s takedown and the Daily Show sketch in the clip above.

"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" Premiere
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