By Ed Weeks
March 29, 2017 at 08:43 AM EDT
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Every week, the cast and crew of Hulu’s beloved rom-com The Mindy Project are taking EW readers behind the scenes of each episode. This week, actor Ed Weeks takes us through the season 5 finale, “A Decent Proposal.”

Spring has sprung, the blossom is doing that blossomy thing it does, and our health, at least for now, remains insured. The ides of March are come; ay, Caesar, but not gone. Webster’s Dictionary defines “procrastination” as “the act of putting off intentionally that which should be done.” A little unnecessary, Webster’s, that tone, but very well, we shall begin.

The season 5 finale of The Mindy Project opens with, of all things, a recap, introduced by Ike Barinholtz. “Previously on The Mindy Project,” he narrates. Now imagine that in a rich, sonorous British tenor. You’d never progress past the first five seconds, would you? That shiz would be on an onanistic loop. Just saying. I digress. You remember, of course you do, that Ben has secretly bought an engagement ring under the misapprehension that Mindy wants to get married but, nah dawg, she DON’T (doesn’t).

Back to the present. Jeremy is holding one of his spin-off worthy office meetings when he is handsomely interrupted by the Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A. Colette is proposing to her girlfriend Karen! Karen acquiesces (coincidentally the name of my forthcoming indie movie) and the two lovebirds excitedly exit, followed out by the Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A. In several takes, I tried to have Jeremy, in turn, excitedly follow the Gay Men’s Chorus of L.A., but the powers that be insisted that “he” had to be “straight.”

At the hospital, Morgan realizes he has inadvertently thwarted Ben’s desire to wed Mindy and, in his haste to put things right, falls over a nearby ottoman. Ike Barinholtz is one of the most physically gifted comedians I know, making his mental challenges even crueler in comparison. Back at Shulman’s, Jeremy invites Anna to an exhibit of squares at the Museum of Geometry. (The last exhibit of squares I attended was my brother’s wedding! Ha, just kidding Simon, I’m really happy for you and Madeline.) The eagle-eyed among you will notice this scene is heavy with romantic subtext, and that is because we are actors and that is what we were told to do.

In Mindy’s office, Morgan tries to convince Dr. Lahiri that maybe marrying Ben wouldn’t be the worst thing, but she is too engrossed in her Egg McMuffin® to heed him. And it seems as if Colette is harboring some matrimonial doubts herself. Excuse me a moment, I must go and eat an Egg McMuffin®.

Mmm, that’s better. Next, Anna’s bloody husband Tim only goes and shows up at her work, asking for her back even though he bloody cheated on her with her closet organizer. Thinking about it makes my blood boil, and it clearly makes Jeremy’s blood boil too, which is not surprising as we share a brain and most of our blood. (As a side note, Beth Grant is incredibly funny in this scene. Her reactions!)

Later, Ben’s daughter Lindsay and Mindy are having a girls’ night, to which Jeremy is not invited, although I suppose why would he be, when Lindsay lets the cat out of the bag that Ben was going to propose? WHAA? (What.) Mindy has to break it to Ben that she’s not the marrying type (fibs!) but that she still loves him (well, okay). Things come to a head, but not to head (different show) at Colette’s engagement party. We discover that Colette doesn’t want to get married but is lying about it and, by contrast, Mindy does want to get married but is lying about that. Beautiful symmetry, writers! (I love our writers! [Hey, guys, Jeremy hasn’t played banjo in a while.]) Meanwhile, Anna’s husband punches his rival Jeremy in the face. You know why it looks like he really punched me in the face? Because he really punched me in the face, and now I have a bad face! Fortunately, my inner life is as vibrant as ever.

Back at her apartment, Mindy talks to Lindsay and realizes that she might be depriving her of a cool new stepmom by not getting hitched to Ben. Across town, Colette is asking Morgan to break up with Karen for her. D— move, Colette! Or should I say… (etc).

In the end, Mindy agrees to marry Ben on the subway (the agreement takes place on the subway; presumably the nuptials themselves will be at a second location), Anna and Jeremy tentatively move closer, and Colette, Morgan, and Jody renew their friendship without the overbearing presence of Karen. But are they happy? Possibly not, probably, and yes. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the writers for giving me a love interest that isn’t a bird (no offense, Roger) and wish you, our fair viewers, a prosperous and powerful summer. Thank-bye!

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