'They're both obsessed with their rugs, and they both love white Russians'

By Oliver Gettell
March 28, 2017 at 10:13 PM EDT

As questions about President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and fallout from his debunked wiretapping claims continue to loom over the White House, Late Night host Seth Meyers has attempted to put things in perspective by likening Trump to one of pop culture’s most notorious slackers.

On Tuesday’s episode of Late Night, Meyers summed up Trump’s wiretapping allegations with a clip from The Big Lebowski, in which the pot-smoking bowling enthusiast known as the Dude (played by Jeff Bridges) insists, “I’ve got information, man! New s— has come to light.”

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Pondering the comparison further, Meyers added, “Now that you think about it, the Dude and Trump have a lot in common: They both have bathrobes, they’re both obsessed with their rugs, and they both love white Russians.”

Watch the video above for more from Meyers (the Lebowski setup begins around the 3:45 mark).