Hannity put his own spin on Trump's phrase

By Nick Romano
March 28, 2017 at 09:34 AM EDT

Sean Hannity is lashing out over his Ted Koppel interview.

After CBS Sunday Morning aired a segment in which the veteran journalist told the Fox personality that he’s bad for America, Hannity used the Monday episode of his own show to blast the piece as “edited fake news” and criticized Koppel for his apparent bias and “hypocrisy.”

“Beyond this interview being a total waste of my time, it is a flagrant example of what I call edited fake news,” Hannity said. He further trashed the network by referencing the report scandal that led to Dan Rather leaving CBS News in 2006 and defended former CBS anchor Sharyl Attkisson by suggesting her leaving was “gender driven.”

Discussing his interview with Koppel, Hannity said the network produced “a package taking shots at me all while prominently displaying their dishonesty, their bias, and total hypocrisy here for every viewer to see. Now, Ted’s interview with me wasn’t about substance, it wasn’t about getting my real opinion. Now, the story was written long before at Fox. I was just used as a prop to advance his narrative, which is why only one minute and 10 seconds out of the 45-50 minutes was actually used. It was one minute — and that was the one minute that fit into their narrative. That is edited fake news.”

Hannity didn’t explain that television news programs, including those on Fox News, have a finite amount of time to deliver information in packages, which is why network producers routinely edit clips instead of airing the entire conversation. The Hannity host continued to say his anger also stemmed from Koppel’s remarks.

“Are opinion shows bad for America? He thinks they are,” said Hannity. “Meanwhile, Ted was giving his opinion. He considers himself an impartial journalist, yet in what CBS News was airing, he’s doing exactly what he says is bad for America.”

Hannity, who deems himself a “talk show host” and “advocacy journalist,” continued going after Koppel’s journalistic integrity. “Ted, you show in this clip you are not a journalist,” he fumed. “You’re very hypocritical here.”

Watch Hannity’s response above.