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March 28, 2017 at 06:42 PM EDT

A pair of Parks and Recreation stars at the ideological heart of the small-town comedy will treat themselves to a reunion on their former network — but probably not in the way you were expecting.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman have rejoined forces to host and executive-produce The Handmade Project, a six-episode reality competition on NBC that “celebrates artisanship and the makers who can create amazing things with their hands.” Poehler — who has a deal with Universal Television Alternative Studio — said in a statement on Tuesday: “I’m thrilled to be celebrating artists who make things by hand, and I’m looking forward to finally conquering my fear of paper mache.”

Added Offerman, a noted woodworker and owner of Offerman Woodshop in Los Angeles (you’ve seen his work in Parks and Recreation) and best-selling author in the genre: “People who make things are my favorite kind of folk. Practical, clever, and terrific in a pinch. That makes me tickled pink to have a front row seat at this prodigious display of talent, and admiring and cheering on an amazing crop of American makers. Plus, Amy and I have a strong tradition of tomfoolery, so let’s see if we don’t have some good fun.”

In the series, competitors of all ages will face off in a series of projects that will be evaluated by Poehler, Offerman, and other judges. In each episode, contestants will tackle a different theme, hand-crafting items in different disciplines such as woodwork, quilting, knitting, scrapbooking, cake decorating, metal work, doll-making, and general crafting. (Plus, it’s filmed in “a serene outdoor setting.”) Those interested in having their scrapbooking skills judged by the woman who played Leslie Knope — and their woodworking talents evaluated by the man that was Ron Swanson — can apply at

Poehler will star with Will Ferrell in the big-screen comedy The House in June, while Offerman stars in the films The Little Hours and The Hero, which premiered earlier this year at Sundance.

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