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March 27, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT
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Every week, actor Dan Bucatinsky, who plays CTU analyst Andy Shalowitz, a.k.a. the new Chloe O’Brian, will take EW readers behind the scenes of the action-packed 24: Legacy with his blog. Here, he takes us into episode 109, “8:00 PM – 9:00 PM.” Take it away, Dan!

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: This show has, like, four seasons of story packed into 12 episodes… And the s— is hitting the fan all over the place. So watch it, binge it, watch it again – because the pace and stakes couldn’t be higher!

HERE’S WHAT YOU MISSED: I need to preface this by saying – I’m hardly in the episode. I was stabbed with a knife – no, it was more like a SWORD, in episode 108. Did you see the size of that thing? And then he TURNED the knife in my leg! What??? So, the fact that Andy survived that AND managed to squirm out of the warehouse before it was blown up, AND was able to salvage the laptop WITH the flash drive of sleeper cells? Come on! That’s some crazy, tough-guy heroism from our little, out-of-his-element, Ativan-dependent, computer nerd Andy Shalowitz. So. With that said. Andy is hardly in this next episode, 109, and as a result – what’s really to report? I mean, you guys are here for me, I get it. You don’t have to say it out loud, I sense it. So, I’ll give you a little update on what else was happening while Andy is clearly getting some much-needed medical attention in the CTU infirmary.

Naseri is clearly the NEW villain on the block as Jadalla has been wounded and captured, and in 109, he’s  off to CTU for debriefing. But Naseri got away! So now THAT’S the next order of business keeping Carter from a Netflix-and-Chill night with his wife, Nicole. CTU was able to nail down a ping through a cell tower that will lead Carte to a residential neighborhood nearby. But his inclination to continue the manhunt puts him at odds with his brother, Isaac, and poses the question: Which unfinished business will Carter tend to first — his wife or his work?

Locke leads Andy back into CTU where he’s a sight for sore eyes. It seems like the whole team has gathered just to check out his battle scars — and whether he’s limping on the right foot. Despite the pain, now tough-as-nails and oddly sexier than ever, Andy has powered through the entire recovery of sleeper cells. Mullins is there to welcome him back — along with his clearance!

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Meanwhile, a CTU security officer is contacted by Naseri and is being leveraged with his mistress, Jennifer. Set Jadalla free or Jennifer will blow up into a million pieces.

Carter makes it to the house where Jennifer is tied up in the basement, detonators strapped to her chest. Mariana uses a classic Andy trick, the video loop, to keep Naseri’s feed matched while the new techie Theo, brought in when Andy lost his clearance — but I’m not bitter — talks Eric through the details of diffusing the bomb strapped to Jennifer’s vest.

Senator Donovan plans to suspend his campaign while he tends to the needs of his father and the entire scandal surrounding him. Miranda questions whether what she’s done was for the greater good. And Tony Almeida, despite his obvious lingering feelings for Rebecca, wishes her marriage all the best. Yeah. He really means it. You can just tell… Wait. Um. Or is that is resting bitch face?

When it comes to the greater good, Henry Donovan seems to have cornered that market and boasts to his son how he’s covered his tracks so the identity leaks can never be traced back to him. “You can still be president!” Isn’t that thoughtful? Imagine a president with no conscience whatsoever. Like THAT could ever happen! But John Donovan is a man of morals, and when his dad’s inspirational speech turns creepy, the senator might be wishing they’d kept pumping the old guy with poison.

Despite her sketchy torture tactics, Senator Donovan decides he wants to stay with Rebecca. They have a tearful conversation that leads to a promise of commitment. They want to see each other face-to-face — so Donovan directs his car to CTU. Stat!

Back to business in the interrogation room: Rebecca threatens Jadalla with a life sentence in Gitmo unless he’s willing to cough up the 411 on Naseri. Their exchange is brief and possibly unhelpful. Jadalla doesn’t seem to know anyone named Naseri. Although he recognizes his picture, Jadalla calls Naseri by a different name.

When Isaac returns Nicole to her ransacked house, she finds a letter in the rubble from Rebecca, a series of correspondences between her and Carter that suggest they’d been negotiating a gig for him as a CTU agent. That’s news to Nicole. Nice of him to share his future plans with his wife. Nicole’s overwhelmed by the news which gives Isaac an opportunity to step in for support.

When they realize Jennifer has been leveraged against her married boyfriend, CTU security guard Steven, Rebecca goes looking. She catches Steven hustling Jadalla out of the CTU basement so he can get to Naseri. This guy is very loyal to his girlfriend. I’m sure if his wife knew, she’d strap that bomb vest to Steven! But, before Rebecca can successfully take Jadalla back, Naseri and his men rescue Jadalla and kill Steven in the process. On Naseri’s way out, he intercepts John Donovan, kidnapping him in the process. That’s one conveniently useful captive. And as the final seconds of the episode TICK DOWN, John is carted off, and Naseri sets off an explosion at CTU that leaves everyone in a cloud of smoke and dust.

HERE’S WHAT YOU COULDN’T KNOW: It’s not that I’m too concerned, but let me remind you that Andy had this knife jammed into his thigh last episode and has yet to receive medical treatment. Not that this is a cry for help…or is it? Keep watching. We’ll see if he ever has a moment to wash the blood off his face, or even get some stitches. No matter, Andy is a badass now; he doesn’t have time to worry about tetanus.


We shot episode 109 AFTER a long holiday break and a week of reshoots that were inserted into a variety of the earlier episodes. Returning to work from the holidays, it was an adjustment to get back into the world of counter-terrorism. Look at us at a celebration of Miranda’s [Otto] birthday — we’re all smiles and Santa hats. This group suddenly looks less capable of dismantling an entire drive of sleeper cells.

A lot of the scenes outside of the warehouse explosion were actually intended for episode 9 but were later combined to be part of the END of episode 8. Here I was, still working off my post-holiday bloat, hanging out with smoke, barbed wire, and blood. I think it’s a good look.


Jimmy [Smits] and Miranda were trying to catch a plane to the TCAs (Television Critic Association event) and were running out of time shooting the scene where CTU gets blown up. The last shot – they had maybe 10 minutes to do the whole thing – just completely covered Miranda in dust. Finally, they used a body double covered in dust so Miranda could race off and make the plane.

The poor actress who played Jennifer — the one with the jiffy pop-looking bomb-vest wrapped around her — got stabbed in the hand with tools by the other guy in the scene. All this while Corey Hawkins struggled to get that vest off each time they yelled “action.” So much plastic wrap and tape and wires… If she were really wearing a bomb, she’d have been in BIG trouble.

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